Response to Policy Directive 17-04

Hello, as many of you know over the last two years Ravens Brewing Company has had a tasting room in Abbotsford, BC. Over that time we have strived to be a good community member and serve our customers as best we can. In doing so, we have been serving both 3 oz (88 ml) flight and 12 oz ( 355 ml) sleeve glasses of beer in our tasting room, giving customers a chance to taste our products or enjoy a glass of beer while they wait for a growler fill. 

Unfortunately, as of today, we will no longer be able to serve beer in 12 oz glasses. Because of Liquor Control and Licensing Branch Policy Directive No:17-04, "Manufacturers providing samples are now restricted to the following individual serving size .. Brewery/Cidery: a maximum individual serving size of 125 ml of beer or cider... 375 ml per day per person".  What this means to our customers is that while we can still sell you a glass of beer, it must be broken down into three smaller glasses holding no more than 125 ml. 

We hope that while this may not be the most convenient or desirable way to enjoy our product you will understand the decision is out of our hands.  Please continue to order a flight of different beers or several tasting glasses of the same style to compensate for the loss of the 12 oz sleeve. Thank you for your understanding.