Skull and Wing

Keeping with Ravens Brewing Company’s mandate of tying innovation and tradition together we have come up with two new releases. Skull and Wing, the first of our new Barrel Aged Series, while sharing a common root, are executed with deliciously different results.

Using our award winning Farmers Ale French Saison as a starting point, it was aged for four months, in Merlot (Skull) and Chardonnay (Wing) barrels. Time imparted flavours from the barrels into the beer that was further enhanced with the addition of cassis and peach.


In Skull, oak, tannins, and dark fruit character flourished and were further emphasised with cassis, adding a tart, deep berry notes. As for Wing, oak, stone fruit, and rich buttery flavours impressed themselves, with the peach further enhancing the Chardonnay notes.  Both beers benefit from the pre-existing balance of lemon, hay and wheat present in our Farmers Ale.

The final step was local artist Angie Born capturing the beauty of the beer to barrel process with her stunning labels.With a respectful nod to tradition and the agricultural roots of our hometown, we believe this is a fantastic addition to our line-up and an excellent introduction to our new Barrel Aged Series. Cheers.